Walk Good: Jamaican Most Popular Folklore Dances

If you were born and raised in Jamaica your first and most prominent culture exposure would be culinary and dance combined. While the modern day music (Dancehall and Reggae) would surround your upbringing, you are also expected to have extended knowledge of our folklore dances. Some are derived from Africans, some from Europeans then the mixtures are called Creole. Each of the 14 parishes of the island has at least one folklore dominant. This illustration acknowledges the four main Image dances throughout the culture. Also stating how much of the population has practiced or dance since infancy.




I came across this printed ad by my doorway. At first i thought it might have been a MaryKay independent retailer or some woman owned home business, but it’s actually a house cleaning service being offered by a company in the vicinity. The target audience of course are busy homeowners, but the entire presentation might be confusing. Watching the response of my parents it served no purpose whether they needed the service or not.


Another printed door hanger ad. Target audience is everyone, most likely parents who would want to go out to eat with unlimited choices and a good size immediate family. In my opinion the ad is overly crowded by too many typefaces and information. It doesn’t speak as a restaurant either being appetizing or interesting.


The colour scheme of this printed coupon ad is attractive and attentive to ones love of Thai food. Not too overbearing with negative space created by the white plates. The obvious audience are person’s of the culture or who appreciates the culture’s culinary blessings.


This magazine ad targets business professional who seeks luxury, comfort and up to date technology during their visit at affordable rates. The layout could be a bit more attractive but it still peeks interest.


To those who adore travelling, specific to none, to experience what have only been seen in movies or dreamt of. Found in a magazine this ad captures your attention and resonates with your wishes in exploring the beautiful mother country.



Appealing to Vols Waggen new and loyal audience, using the action of turning on the car takes the person directly into an adventure. The visual hierarchy is powerful with clarity.enhanced-buzz-wide-7683-1372162309-14

Very controversial clothing store ad campaign. Slightly confusing but nevertheless the design has its strong points. A great interest capture and after a few seconds of admiring the design the audience will start to decipher the metaphoric path within this design.


As a child grows he/she becomes creatively curious and begins to explore the wonders of their parents. Happiness comes from imagination, he may have seen it in a movie and tried to recreate what he witnessed. Clean capture of the moment and visual hierarch is steady.


Insinuating that their fries are made from real potatoes, they have used food craft to enhance our senses.duracellThe trusted battery, long lasting Durcell, came off as maybe a horror movie or halloween but it speaks to its true existence and mission.


Rebranding of a classic Film: Finished art

After going through 3 semi final artwork I focused on using channels, filters, gradients and textures to conclude the rebranding of the film poster. My major challenge was manipulating the screenshot of the scene through channels and different other variations, to go with the background and font. In order for everything to harmonize i had to go through trial and errors with colour schemes.Image

Rebranding a classic film: preliminary concepts

I was given The Exorcist, a 1973 movie to rebrand & redesign the poster. In order to complete such task, as scared as i am, i had to watch the movie itself so decipher what their niche and specialties were. Before the movie i didn’t quiet understand the original poster, one of the latter scenes from the movie.

Image http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070047/

I have gained a bit of experience on creating something attractive, i now finally had the chance to create something gooey & terrifying.

The direction i am taking is best described as the window of darkness; a glimpse of what the movie is about to deliver but not too much.

10 concept



Process Concepts

concept 1 CONCEPT 2CONCEPT 3



Seventh Generation

This is the development of rebranding the Seventh Generation, a company that provides a variety of products, still upholding the responsibilities of our environment. To modernize the design in order to stand out against its competition on shelves. During the recreation of this brand visibility and versatility of the logo will be considered because of the different products and packaging.

As a designer and a global citizen, being environmentally friendly and aware is very important. Seventh Generation company and products are designed to cater to our daily needs as well as to the atmosphere. Colour decisions and font of choice are simple but efficient and delivers the image positively. Throughout the process consistency and unity were my guidelines.

logo roushelleg_7thgenbubble bath Roushelleg_7thgendishwasher


Colour Reinterpretation


As the original, two colours were chosen to finalize this logo. From the Pantone Solid Coated swatch I used the above type of yellow and green to bring life to the logo but also representing the nature and purpose for which it was being used. They are both highly visible and creates an environment of positivity, life and health.

This version embodies all the elements of fall and autumn nature. Using a gradient of yellow representing warmth to orange for the creativity of the design, then a deep green of coolness for type. Compared to the original, this version in my opinion is more articulate and versatile of the organic nature of things.

Inverting the original colours of the logo and replacing the green with a deeper tone, this version represents nature at its richest and most pure form. With just a slight change this version may also be used as it represents greatly the use of the logo.

This version is the replica of how the colours of a tree flow. It spurts from the dark earth brown trunk of natural richness to the crisp green tranquiality of the leaves on further to the yellow leaves which shines with happiness. Incomparision to the original color scheme, this represents more of earth’s raw nature.

Over a few decades Ovaltine has developed into a household name, providing alternative nutrition to all ages. I redesigned the packaging for their Rich Chocolate flavour, using the same colour scheme of yellow, blue and orange. In my opinion the Ovaltine package always stood out on the shelf because of the bright orange but when analyzed and refined i created a well balanced visual hierarchy of the colours and to show what exactly the product is.

Using a Monotone Chromatic colour scheme, I developed a similar design of my original in blue. Being that only different shades of one colour could be used it had to be thoroughly thought through, analyzing how would it keep the dominant stance on the shelf but still remain recognizable. Keeping a curve or sway to the title and the flavour allows it to be incorporated with the chocolate milk being poured out.

Using a Complimentary colour scheme, I changed the path of the design and chose the original flavour of Ovaltine. Balancing the dark purple with gold-yellow, the photograph of the malt and wheat which this nutrient comes from sets a tone of health.